Shahzad Akbar summoned by NAB, asked for assets details

National Accountability Bureau recently summoned PTI personnel, Shahzad Akbar, for a detailed asset examination. The coalition government is trying to get back at its opponents by filing the same charges against the personalities as them. previously, the PTI government gave the National Accountability Bureau extreme rights to investigate and catch the culprits involved in huge money laundering cases. But, now that the tables have turned and the PML-N led coalition government is in charge. 

Now, they are trying to have their revenge by pressing the same charges against the former government. For this particular reason, NAB summoned PTI’s former advisor on Interior and Accountability to provide detail about his owned assets.

NAB is currently suspecting and have summoned Shahzad Akbar of having assets worth more than his declared income. Previously, NAB suspects would blame Shahzad Akbar for constructing fake cases against them. NAB called the former advisor to appear in front of the investigating officers and provide detail about his assets. 

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NAB also provided Mr. Shahzad Akbar with a complete questionnaire for the preparation of the interrogation. These questions include inquiries about linkages to many influential personalities. Some of the questions that were mentioned in the questionnaire are such as follows:

  • Do you or your family own any property falling or associated with Rawalpindi Ring Road?
  • Do you own or have occupied any land in Gujjar Khan and Chakri?
  • What is your relationship with Malik Riaz of Bahria Town and associated business concerns?
  • Do you or your family own any property or commercial buildings in Bahria Enclave and in Blue Area Islamabad?
  • A few other questions include his role in the appointment of some influential personalities across multiple government departments.

Shahzad Akbar did not respond kindly to the action. He claims that the coalition government is using NAB to get its revenge. It declared the questionnaire as a Joke and claims to answer all the questions that NAB has asked him.

However, NAB said that the authorities are carrying out an investigation against him due to his son’s involvement in an FIA’s sugar scam. Shahzad Akbar is advised to appear in front of the NAB authorities in NAB Lahore headquarters on 21st October 2022.


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