How not to become a victim of depression

by: Aman Chughtai

Living in era where life is going so fast. Time is running as we don’t have time for ourselves and for others. No its not the time world or things its us . We are going fast. In order to become better human than others we have Created a competition to raise high standards to show others that we are better than them and in order to maintain them we are chasing things to achieve these goals and this competition made us victim of depression. Everyone is struggling with inner anxiety and self esteem issues.

Recently my one of friends is diagnosed with DID and GAD. He is the who has been known for his extraordinary life but again in order to maintain things we always loose ourselves somewhere behind. I have been visiting different locations and reading different books and things so i have concluded that this is totally dependent upon us to control things to keep ourselves up and not to be a victim of depression or anxiety or and disorders. Its just lack of some things which take us to where we stop living a normal life.

Here are three main rules for having a balance time

Self love

It is one of main key to avoid stress in our life most of people who are living with mental disorders are those who have stopped loving and caring themselves. Self nurturing, connecting with nature, meditation, prioritizing our self or part of self love . So here we need to stop comparing with others find your own master skills. Everyone is different from others and everyone is unique in their own way. A perfect schedule to pamper yourself will keep all the negativity out of our body. Stay hydrated and keep a very good care of your skin.


Building a foundation of good habits and and a healthy routine. Keeping our things in order is necessary of a healthy balance . Dont waste your time in not doing anything or thinking useless things .

Set some boundaries with other people so everyone is going on their own ways instead of being in one competition.


Be thankful of things we own and stop expecting to high. Creating a good human connections, finding happiness in small things, small goals which can achieve by ourselves easily, planned and unplanned activities. Help others.

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