Indian Para Athlete Vinod Kumar banned for 2 years

Vinod Kumar the 41 years old para-athlete faces ban by the Olympics. The accusations are misrepresenting his skills and fraud. He might play again in August 2023.

Tokyo Paralympics 2020 is just around the corner. Disable athletes from all over the world are training and struggling to get a medal for their countries. Meanwhile, a piece of sad news came from the Indian Athletic community. 41 years old para-athlete Vinod Kumar was found guilty of fraud and misrepresentation of skills.

According to Olympics authorities, Vinod cannot play again until August 2023. Furthermore, Under the World Para Athletics classification rules and regulations. It is a disciplinary offense for an athlete to intentionally misrepresent their skills or abilities and/or the degree or nature of their impairment.

It is also a disciplinary offence for any athlete support person to assist, conceal or be complicit in any intentional misrepresentation by an athlete.

Authorities statements

“The athlete was observed performing several movements and functions in the competition. Which were not consistent with his performance during the physical and technical aspects of classification,”. World Para Athletics said in a statement, without giving further details.

Whereas, Christian Holtz, Managing Director of World Para Sports, said “Intentional Misrepresentation is a grave offense. Athletes must give their best effort when presenting to a classification panel. The classification system is crucial to ensure fair competition. And this case shows how committed World Para Athletics is to protect the integrity of the sport.”

He came third in an Olympic competition recently. But his fellow player did not accept the decision and asked for a recheck. After a thorough review and arguments, the result was declared void. Moreover, He competed in the F52 discus. An event where athletes compete in a wheelchair or a throwing chair due to impaired muscle power, restricted range of movement, limb deficiency, or leg length difference.

Every player is responsible for their actions and words. However, If one athlete can mislead higher authorities, it would be injustice with truly deserving players.

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