International Sports tourism conference in September

Pakistan is taking further steps into promoting sports as well as tourism. International conference about sports tourism will commence in September 2022. It will open new doors for foreign tourists and sports opportunities.

Karakoram International University (KIU) in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan will host a three-day international conference on promoting sports tourism in the country from September 23-25. If all the decisions are smooth and effective. Tourists visiting Hunza will enjoy Polo matches and cultural events as well. This conference is a further step to promote the most famous genre of country’s revenue. It will bring a lot of foreign tourists and sports person in that region.

This conference is very unique in its shape. However, The mandate of the conference is quite appealing and interesting. National and international speakers are invited to speak on the matters of mountain sports, hard and soft sports tourism, STL, anti-doping laws, the impact of sports tourism, health, environment, economics, and technology innovations in sports tourism.

The Dean of KIU is organizing this event and they are very hopeful to get fruitful results. Conference get so hype and fame that speakers are coming from all over Pakistan as well as US, Germany, Malaysia, European Union and some other countries.

Gilgit/Hunza Heaven for tourists

The northern areas are ideal for promoting sports tourism as they have the world’s highest and most mountainous areas. Unfortunately, mountaineering sports have been neglected for a long time due to the laziness of the authorities. Pakistan is home to five peaks above 8000 meters and more than 100 peaks above 7000 meters. Owing to these spectacular peaks Pakistan can feel proud to become the mountains capital of the world.

Pakistan produced several world-famous mountaineers including, Muhammad Ali Saddpara, Nissar Hussain Saddpara, and Samina Khayal Baig. Moreover, Polo is one of the most famous and colorful sports in this region. One of the best polo grounds in the world is in Gilgit where the Shandur Polo Festival organizes the event since 1936. People from all around the world come to watch the matches. The version of polo played here is the purest of all called freestyle Polo.

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