Taobat Bala: Last village of Pakistan towards Occupied Jammu & Kashmir

Taobat Bala is the last village of Pakistan toward Jammu & Kashmir. In fact, it is so close to India that it falls within the region of the Line of Control. The village is currently within Pakistani occupation. It severs as an important point in Pakistan’s geography. This is because the famous Kishanganga river enters Pakistan from this village itself. Upon entering Pakistan this river becomes the “Neelam River”. This small village comes within the Athmuqam tehsil in Neelam valley. Which is overall a part of the Jammu & Kashmir region. It is located 200 Kilometers from Muzaffarabad and only 39 Kilometers from Kel. 

The village is so small that it only had a population of 720 in 1998. However, the continuous danger of being fired upon from either side had significantly reduced the population here. Taobat is accessible from Kel by an unmetalled road. There is only a single motel of the AJK tourism and Archeology department in this region. However, there are a few small hotels that can host some tourists while they are on a visit. Tourists often pass this village to travel to Kamri Pass where they have to climb 14500 feet height. 

Taobat Bala : Last village of Pakistan before Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir

Once the tourists cross Kamri pass they reach Astore valley. Taobat Bala has a few houses with red huts. These red huts when seen from a height present a view that is somewhat similar to Switzerland. Tourists have always loved to travel to this part of the country as it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. People of Pakistan often call Taobat the piece of heaven itself. Moreover, in order to travel to this village tourists have to take special permission from the Pakistan Army. 

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Pakistan army is continuously patrolling the region and does not allow any stranger to visit the place without any prior permission. This is due to the Kashmir dispute between Pakistan and India. The valley is full of lush green and beautiful crops, and white springs encircled by mountains. It is one of the favorite visiting spots in Pakistan.

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