Microsoft couldn’t save itself from inflation

The world’s biggest company Microsoft is under an inflation crisis these days. They lay off 1 percent of their employees recently. Employees have 60 days to find another work.

The world is facing massive inflation and economic uncertainty these days Companies like Tesla, Tiktok, Google, and other major sharks are getting off extra fish to save resources. A new addition is Microsoft, the biggest IT company in the world. Earlier they laid off 1800 employees from the offices. According to LinkedIn statistics, it is almost 1 percent of the whole company.

Now new news came from the company about further laying off. They gave out notices to 200 employees. According to that, they have 60 days to find another job. After the notice period ended those employees have to leave their offices with or without new work.

The company officially confirmed the layoffs and stated that it cut some jobs as it realigned business groups and roles after the close of its fiscal year on June 30. The tech giant said that the job cuts spanned different groups including consulting, customer, and partner solutions across different regions worldwide.

“Today we had a small number of role eliminations. Like all companies, we evaluate our business priorities regularly, and make structural adjustments accordingly,” Authorities statement. It might increase the unemployment rate in the world which can cause extreme hopelessness and economic crises.

In addition, companies like TikTok, Twitter, Netflix, and many others have also laid off hundreds of their employees as a part of cost-cutting measures amid the slowing economy. Stating the same reason, some tech companies like Google and more slowed hiring. After the pandemic, it is becoming more and more difficult for all companies to retain their employees on old terms.

People are losing their jobs every day and sadly there are no new jobs in the market as well. The world fighting this crisis so badly that people will clench each other throats and kill them to survive only.

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