Dua Zehra Case is taking new twists and turns

One witness and the person who solemnized the Nikah of Dua Zehra are under arrest. They confessed to being minors of girl and alleged husband Zaheer Ahmed. The case is turning into kidnapping and harassments.

Wednesday: High profile kidnapping plus mysterious case of missing girl take a new turn. Punjab police arrested the witness and the cleric who Solemnize of Nikah on 10 days remand. After vigorous investigations, they both confessed that they knew that Dua and Zaheer are minors. This revelation makes Nikah illegal and Bogus. Dua Zehra is in grave danger and the police are trying their best to help her and her helpless parents.

A few weeks back, Dua e Zahra case came into the limelight. A 14 years old girl went missing from her home mysteriously. Her parents went to every media platform as well as the police. They want their daughter back safe and sound.

After a few days, the girl resurface on the media and claimed that she is 18 years old. She got married to her love interest Zaheer Ahmed of free will. A video message claiming all this shatters the parents and her supporters. Meanwhile, Dua claims about marriage and living a good life after marriage. Her parents never stopped digging for the truth. A lot of people claim that the boy is minor as well. He is also a victim of kidnapping and harassment. This story is made up to hide something dark and selfish.

Sindh and Punjab police joins their hands and today they found an important clue in the case. Witness Asghar lives in the Hassan Market, Samanabad Lahore. Moreover, the cleric who conducted the Nikah was also under arrest after issuing a special remand of 10 days. They confess that the girl and boy are minor and according to the law, this marriage is illegal. This opens a new direction in the case. If the investigation went effectively, we might be able to catch a big racket of such cases.

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