Airbnb employees can work remotely…… Forever

CEO Airbnb Brian Chesky made an important announcement recently. He allowed his employees to work remotely for an unlimited period. It will increase the efficiency and feasibility for most of the workers.

Post Covid-19 things are pretty hard for most businesses. In these times the trend of working from home came up and many companies adopt it for smooth running. After a while companies made a pact that employees who works for remote areas get less pays and incentives. This decision seems unfair to many employees. In such time Airbnb came up with the most amazing announcement in the history.

CEO Brian Chesky announced “The world is becoming more flexible about where people can work,” Chesky wrote in the email. “We see this in our own business. We wouldn’t have recovered so quickly from the pandemic had it not been for millions of people working from Airbnb.”

Airbnb Inc. said on Thursday that its employees would be permanently able to work from anywhere including their home, the office or while traveling in different countries. They can work as well as travel according to their plans and comfort. Along with that there will be no cutting or compromise over their paychecks. Whether they work from busy cities or from some remote areas. If they are getting enough results, company will not change any scale in their revenues.

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“This means you can move from San Francisco to Nashville, or from Paris to Lyon,” the company co-founder said. Moving abroad permanently will not yet be an option, but staff will be able to take extended “workations,” living and working abroad for up to 90 days at a time.

Team and company meetings will be held from time to time. The company also said it would work with governments and travel destinations to build out support for people living abroad for an extended period while working. With this decision and practice, a lot of companies will get this idea to compensate their employees on fair levels same as airbnb.

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