Conspiracy theories about the Bermuda Triangle

Undoubtedly the most famous and researched mystery of the world is Bermuda Triangle. Scientists has discovered a lot of logical reasons of deaths and disappearances. But main question is still there……why???

The Bermuda Triangle is one of those strange phenomenon that everyone seems to know about, but no one knows the truth behind it. It’s kind of like Area 51. The Bermuda Triangle, also known as Devil’s Triangle, is located in the Atlantic Ocean, between Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. This is the place where annually 4 planes and 20 ships get missing under mysterious circumstances. So far no-one has logical answers on such incidents.

It started in 1945 when 5 American army planes and 14 people get missing at this point. Last words from one of the pilot were We are entering white water, nothing seems right. We don’t know where we are, the water is green, no white“. At that point the matter solved abruptly as “Cause Unknown”. Later in 1964 same incident happen with local plane. In mid-1980s, 25 small planes disappeared while passing through the Bermuda Triangle. No body or spare part recovered after the incident.

In the most recent example a Malaysian plane MH310 went missing on the exact same location in 2014. After five years a small spare part of plane found near the coast but rest is still missing. What about the people on board or things, nobody knows.

part of missing mh310 plane

Conspiracy theories over years

After the continuous incidents this area starts calling as Bermuda Triangle. Triangle refers to the locations where each incident reported. Scientists trying hard to know the real reasons for these mishaps. Following are few famous reasons so far.

  • Paranormal Reasons
  • Natural Causes

Paranormal Reasons

These reasons are so famous in general public. A lot of movies, book and documentaries made on Bermuda, validating these speculations. Few stated bellow

  • Lost Atlantic City: This reason came in limelight when a sign of ruin found under water in 1980s. According to this myth, after a sad incident whole city drowned in the Atlantic ocean. Now those ruins acts like a magnetic source for ships and people. Ghosts of that city wont let people pass this area easily.
  • Aliens Invasion: This is the example of US obsession with aliens and stuff. They say that this place owned by foreign entity. they use to shoot down planes and drown ships with their technology. they capture people to do research on them. But so far no solid proof found that validates this theory.
  • Devil’s Pit: This theory is very famous in religious groups. They believe that under the Bermuda triangle there is a devil’s home. He captures the sinful people and make them suffer after taking their lives. Again no proof or evidence of this theory.
  • Time Portals: Now this theory covers both scientific and logical myths. According to this this place has a opening of another time dimension. When you enters in this time zone, you disconnected from this world and enters into entire new world. Where is that time portal nobody knows. This is the explanation of no recovery of body or material so far.
  • Sea Monsters: This is another reason for such happenings. Giant enormous monsters lives under the water, they suck each thing that came above them. This theory can explained by blue holes or deep trenches in the water.

Natural Causes Of Bermuda Triangle

Now after years of research and study, scientists are agree on these reasons that may have happen at Bermuda triangle. Now these are just theories and logical reasonings, valid proofs are yet to found.

  • Methane Gas: A big amount of methane gas reserve discovered under the water on 90s. It believed that if methane gas released in the water it can sink ships as well as planes. It is so powerful that you have no time to ask for help either.
  • Water Rouge Waves: Waterspouts or water tornados said to another reason of such accidents. These tornados are so powerful and tides are almost 100 feet high. These waves can easily take down planes and ships has no chance to survive in such condition.
  • Compass Malfunction: Like Gobi Dessert, this location is very near to equator. it can cause compass misdirection to planes and ships really conveniently. This can be the biggest reason of missing people and sad incidents. Even technology of 21st Century failed to overcome this problem.
  • Human Error: Sometimes pilots misjudges the health of their transport and fuel capacity. It can also cause the drowning or crash at the location. But question is why is the same location each time. Human error cannot be negate but occurring at the same place do raise few questions.
  • Unusual Sea Floor: Bermuda triangle has the strangest sea floor in the entire world. It has blue holes in it that are minimum 15000 feet deep. It has the deepest trenches after small distances. At one point it is sustain and calm, whereas it can get unpredictable in few seconds. So traveling in this area is quite a risk and expertise of pilot or captain.
  • Magnetic disturbance: It is also one of the semi believable theory in this regard. Electromagnetic waves and gravity are at their highest levels in this locality. It can pull running ships and even the fastest jets in the world. So scientists believes that if they are able to reach at the bottom of the ocean, they can recover everything.

Miscellaneous explanations

Various other reasons explained in this matter. One is Electronic Fog that can caused by major traffic of ships and planes. It tried and tested in the lab that electronic fog can cause unusual circumstances. Water is unpredictable in each scenario. Sometimes water can be really cruel for your fate. Now in modern world it also believed that there is No Mystery of Bermuda Triangle exists. These are mere stories and few sad incidents to validate them. These are true or not, find it for yourself.


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