Statue of Liberty: A lady enlightening the freedom for decades.

A unique Green copper iron structure erected right in the middle of city. Statue of Liberty clearly depicts the wholesomeness of freedom as well as equal rights. Lady with torch and book definitely shows the progressive face of America to the world.

Statue of liberty is one of the famous landmark of the world. Not so secret a gift from French people to USA residents as a symbol of peace and freedom. An idea came true by famous architect Gustav Eiffel the infamous brain behind Eiffel tower. Originally the design came from French sculptor Frédéric Bartholdi who wants to build a landmark in Egypt. Yes you read it right, statue of liberty supposed to be foundation on Suez Canal depicting bravery of Egyptian people. The design is showing a Falliha Woman or Peasant woman to show equal rights in country. Moreover On the inauguration of Suez Canal the idea refused.

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Later he made few changes and show this to his fellow architect Gustav who give his suggestion to gift it to USA. After all the parts made in France, they assembled them in USA. The iconic iron lady implanted on liberty island in October 28, 1886. If you observe closely it is still a lady from Egypt with a touch of USA on the padestal. The official complete name of statue is Liberty Enlightening the World. Other names are Grande Dame, Lady on a Pedestal, Green Goddess, America’s Freedom, Lady with a Torch, Mother of Exiles, Spirit of American Independence, America’s Great Lady, Mother of Freedom etc.

original idea and result

Distinctive Details of Statue

It was not green from the beginning. But with the passage of time and oxidation, the copper over the iron starts turning green and in 1920 it turns completely green. It is the most visited place of USA with 500,000 tourists a year. Book and Torch in the hand of statue shows the symbolism of bravery, freedom, peace and equal rights. Ironically women weren’t allow to the inauguration ceremony. Besides it was a lady sculpture but only men allowed to celebrate. Statue of liberty was also a symbol of immigration. It was the first monument immigrants witness entering USA.

You can have a full city view from the crown of statue. The ray from crown shows 7 continents or 7 seas. Crown was the most Famous tourist point despite of having high rate ticket. Two people commit suicide from the crown in 1920 and 1938. A lot tried later but survived. After September 11, 2001 entry in the statue is ban. It opens for few times but for really small number of tourists. Lightening struck the statue for like 600 bolts every year.

Other Details

It has two parts, one is pedestal and other is statue. There is a date engrave on pedestal JULY IV MDCCLXXVI, which translates to July 4, 1776. This is the Independence Day of USA. Iron lady is 305 feet tall, approximately 25 stories building. It is a UNESCO world heritage. It has shown in many American movies. Statue is one of those monuments celebrates by whole world equally.

Immigrants entering USA


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