Australia Urges Its Citizen to Leave Israel After Strike On Iran

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) advised its citizens to leave Israel due to concerns about safety after reports of possible strike by Israel on Iran.

Australia alert its citizens after reports of a possible strike by Israel on Iran. They issues a warning on its Smartraveller account, stating that there is a high risk of military actions and terrorist attacks in Israel and the surrounding region. They cautioned that the security situation could get worse quickly. 

The advisory Urged people of Australia in Israel or the Occupied Palestinian Territories to depart if it is safe to do so. It also highlighted potential disruptions to travel, such as airspace closures and cancelled flights, particularly at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport. 

The government warned about the danger of terrorists attacks and rockets. The asked people to be careful about their safety. Additionally, they mentioned to think twice before travelling to these places because they could be dangerous due to the risks of terrorism, armed conflicts, and civil unrest.

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Israeli authorities has close specific areas of Gaza and Lebanon. And West Bank ( excluding East Jerusalem), signed out as particularly risky. They urged that these locations are not safe to go. 

Earlier reports suggest that Israel had launched a missile strike on Iran. However, Iran’s state broadcaster, IRIB, disputed this, attributing the sounds of explosion. The said the sounds people here were because Iran’s air defense system was working against drones.  

According to Iranian state TV, three drones are spotted flying over the city of Isfahan, triggering the activation of the air defense which results in the destruction of drones. 

Tensions between Iran and Israel have escalated. Iran is on high alert after recieving Israel’s warning  of retaliation against any Iranian attract. 

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