Mohammad Hafeez Criticized Etihad Airways Due to Mishap 

On Friday, Pakistan all-rounder Mohammad Hafeez criticized Etihad Airways for its poor service and lack of customer care. 

Mohammad Hafeez recently traveled from New York (JFK) to Lahore and expressed his disappointment with the airline after discovering that his suitcase was damaged and some valuable items and gifts were also stolen from it upon arrival. 

In a statement posted on social media, Mohammad Hafeez stated that he began his journey on March 26 and faced this issue upon reaching Lahore. Even after filing a detailed complaint at the Etihad counter at the Lahore airport, he did not receive any response.

Moreover, he emphasized that the unavailability of the customer service cell further worsened his dissatisfaction with the airline’s handling of the situation.

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This criticism sheds light on the importance of reliable customer service in the airline industry. Passengers expect their issues to be addressed immediately and efficiently, particularly in the case of lost or damaged luggage.

However, Hafeez’s experience highlights a failure on the part of Etihad Airways to meet these expectations. It results in frustration and disappointment for the former cricketer. 

These incidents not only ruin the reputation of the airline but also impact the overall travel experience for passengers. It showcases the need for airlines to prioritize customer satisfaction. And, to invest in strong customer care systems to address problems effectively.

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