Dr. Shazia Bashir First Female Vice Chancellor At GCU Lahore

Dr. Shazia Bashir becomes the first female Vice-Chancellor (VC) of Government College University (GCU) Lahore. This is a significant milestone for the university in its long history of 160 years. However, while the appointment is currently acting, it paves the way for future female leadership at the institution.

In an unprecedented move, Lahore’s Government College University (GCU) has appointed Prof Dr Shazia Bashir as its acting Vice Chancellor. It marked a significant milestone as she became the first female vice-chancellor to hold this esteemed position in 160 years. The faculty, staff, and students have welcomed the appointment of the first female as Vice Chancellor of the University.

The announcement came through an official notification on Monday, following the approval from Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz. Dr Shazia, a seasoned academician, currently serves as the dean of the Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at GCU.

Her tenure as acting vice-chancellor is set for four months or until the appointment of a permanent successor. The decision has been met with widespread approval from the faculty and staff members at GCU.

Dr Shazia’s association with GCU dates back to 1996 when she joined as a teacher. Over the years, she has held various leadership roles, including directorships at the Centre for Advanced Studies in Physics and the Institute of Physics, along with chairing the Department of Physics.

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An alumna of GCU, Dr Shazia boasts an impressive academic background, holding a Master’s degree in Physics, an MPhil from Lahore’s University of Engineering and Technology (UET), and a PhD from Austria’s Technical University of Vienna. Her scholarly contributions are evident in over 150 international research publications.

Her expertise includes femtosecond and nanosecond laser ablation of materials (dielectric, semiconductors, metals, and polymers), laser ablation in various gaseous and liquid environments, and others.

The appointment of Dr. Shazia Bashir signifies a progressive step towards inclusivity and diversity in educational leadership, paving the way for aspiring women in academia.


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