Vultures Are On The Verge Of Getting Extinct From World

Out of 23 types of vultures globally, 14 are threatened with extinction, with some experiencing population declines exceeding 90% in just a few decades. Their disappearance disrupts the ecosystem, leading to the spread of diseases and increased scavenger competition, impacting public health and biodiversity.

In today’s world, vultures, often misunderstood, are in danger of disappearing forever. Among the 22 vulture species worldwide, 14 are at risk of extinction. Especially in Sub-Saharan Africa, where four species are severely endangered.

To combat this crisis, VulPro, a non-profit organization based in South Africa. They are dedicated to protecting and revitalizing these magnificent birds on the brink of extinction.

Recently, VulPro undertook a remarkable effort, transporting 160 African and cape white-backed vultures over 1,000 kilometers to the Shamwari Private Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape. This initiative involved a collaboration of over fifty individuals from DHL Logistics and NPO We Wild Africa, experts in animal rewilding and relocation.

Through extensive breeding programs, VulPro has successfully relocated a significant number of vultures. Moreover, they aimed to boost their population in the wild and establish new colonies.

Kerri Wolters, the founder and CEO of VulPro, shared her connection with vultures. He stated, “I had the opportunity to hand-raise a vulture whom we still have today. It was at that very moment that I actually understood how fragile and misunderstood the species were.”

Extreme Measures Are Needed

A recent study on African savannah raptors highlighted alarming declines in large raptor populations, including vultures. Particularly in West Africa, these declines have been severe, exacerbated by human activities. In some areas, such as KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, the white-headed vulture is now extinct as a breeding species, primarily due to human interference.

Dr. Johan Joubert, a South African veterinarian, emphasized the importance of vultures. He has noted their exceptional eyesight, which is eight times better than humans. Despite this, some individuals in South Africa kill vultures in misguided attempts to gain enhanced vision.

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However, in the face of such challenges, organizations like VulPro are working tirelessly to raise awareness and protect these vital yet misunderstood creatures. Through collaborative efforts and conservation initiatives, there remains hope for the survival of vultures and the preservation of ecological balance.

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