Germany: Limited Cannabis Legalization In The Country

Germany recently passed a law legalizing cannabis for personal use. The law is expected to fully effect by April 1, 2024. The law has been met with mixed reactions, with some praising it as a progressive step and others expressing concerns about potential public health risks.

In a big decision, Germany has become the first major European country to allow people to use cannabis legally. This means adults in Germany can now:

  • Adults: adults can have up to 50g of cannabis at home and 25g outside for recreational purposes
  • Growing: individuals can grow up to three cannabis plants at home.
  • Cannabis clubs: starting from July 1, adults can join non-profit cannabis clubs with a maximum of 500 members. These clubs can grow cannabis for members’ personal consumption.

This new law is expected to start in April 2024. The government is still working on how cannabis will be sold and controlled, but they aim to do it safely and legally.

“The aim is to crack down on the black market and drugs-related crime, reduce the amount of dealing and cut the number of users,” Germany’s Health Minister Karl Lauterbach said ahead of the vote.

The German government said that cannabis would remain illegal for minors and highly restricted for young adults. They also added that consuming the drug near schools and playgrounds would be illegal.

Mixed Reviews

Some people are happy about this change because it gives adults more freedom and could be safer than buying from illegal sources. Others are worried about the potential effects on health, especially for young people.

There has also been considerable criticism of the plans from the German Medical Associations (GMA).

“The legalization of cannabis leads to more consumption and trivializes the associated risks. Cannabis can be addictive and cause serious developmental damage. This country does not need cannabis legalization,” President of the GMA Klaus Reinhardt said Friday before the vote.

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Here are some things to remember about the new law:

  • Smoking cannabis in public is still not allowed.
  • Driving under the influence of cannabis is still illegal.

Overall, Germany’s legalization of cannabis for personal use is a significant development. This groundbreaking step will be watched closely by other countries around the world.

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