Cotton Candy Banned in India Over Cancer Concerns

Several states in India have taken action against cotton candy, a popular sweet treat because it might be linked to cancer. In Tamil Nadu, officials found a dangerous substance called Rhodamine-B in cotton floss samples during tests.

The government of Tamil Nadu has decided to stop the sale of cotton candy. The decision came after tests showed it might contain chemicals that can cause cancer. The Health Minister, M Subramanian, has asked food safety officers to act strictly.

The Food Analysis Laboratory reported a chemical called Rhodamine-B in different sweets, including this tasty candy. Manufacturers typically use this chemical to give items a pink or red appearance, such as in textiles or cosmetics. But it’s harmful to people and can lead to cancer. It is also used to make chili oil or chili powder in several countries, but now it is banned in them too.

This decision came shortly after Tamilisai Soundararajan, the Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry also gave orders to check shops selling cotton candy. She warned against giving food with color additives to children.

According to information from the US National Library of Medicine, Rhodamine-B can cause health problems like oxidative stress, cell damage, and even acute poisoning. It can enter the body through food and can cause liver issues or cancer if used for a long time.

Cotton floss or candy, often called “buddi-ka-baal” because it looks like an old woman’s hair. It is one of the most favorite among children worldwide. Now, health officials are worrying about its safety.

Countrywide Crackdown

In Chennai, a food safety officer named P. Satheesh Kumar led a team to inspect cotton candy vendors. In the colorful candy being sold, they found the cancer-causing substance, Rhodamine-B.

Other states like Andhra Pradesh are also looking into these candy samples to see if they contain harmful chemicals. This crackdown on cotton candy has caught the attention of the whole country. Even in Delhi, the capital city, there are talks about banning cotton floss.

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The Tamil Nadu cotton candy incident serves as a valuable lesson in prioritizing food safety and the constant need for vigilance. It highlights the importance of collaboration between authorities, vendors, and consumers to ensure a safe and enjoyable food experience for all.

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