The Garisenda tower in Bologna: A Safety Curtain Falls for Repairs

The Garisenda tower in Bologna, Italy, has been sealed off to the public over fears that it is tilting too far. The tower, which is one of Bologna’s two famous leaning towers, has been leaning since it was built in the 12th century. However, experts have recently noticed that the tower is leaning at an increasingly rapid rate.

Hold onto your hats, history buffs! The famous leaning Garisenda tower in Bologna, Italy, is taking a break. Mayor Matteo Lepore announced that the square around the 12th-century Garisenda tower will be closed off for a few years. But don’t panic! It’s not because the tower is about to do a tilt-and-tumble act. It’s all about keeping this ancient treasure safe and sound.

Scientists from the University of Bologna noticed the tower’s leaning game was getting a bit too intense. It’s currently slanting at 4 degrees, just a smidge less than the Leaning Tower of Pisa! This tilt happened centuries ago due to some ground shifting during the 14th century.

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But fear not! The city is on the case. They’re keeping a close eye on the tower for any cracks and have set up fancy sensors to track its movements. They’re even giving its foundations a little upgrade to make sure it stands strong.

And guess what? The taller tower next door, the Asinelli tower, is getting a timeout too. Both are named after rival families who built them, probably to show off a bit!

While some folks in Bologna are a tad worried, others, like author Carlo Lucarelli and director Giorgio Diritti, are showing their love and support. Even Senator Pier Ferdinando Casini believes the Garisenda has got this! That’s still up in the air, but one thing’s for sure: Bologna’s got its sights set on preserving this piece of history and making sure it’s all safe and sound for us, the eager explorers!

So, while our leaning friend takes a breather, let’s cross our fingers for a smooth restoration. Who knows, maybe this tower will have some more stories to tell in the years to come!

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