Pakistan has launched 6 satellites in space to date

Do you know that Pakistan has launched 6 satellites into space to this day? Pakistan is a struggling economy. Although the country is facing a lot of other problems of its own, still the country is not as far behind in terms of technology as it seems. The country has launched at least 6 satellites into space. However, Pakistan launched all of these satellites in 2018. It is unfortunate that the country hasn’t launched any satellite in the past 4 years. Pakistan launched its first-ever satellite in 1996 whereas, the country launched its latest satellite in 2018. Here is the detailed list of Pakistan’s launched satellites:


Pakistan Launched PRSS 1 on 1st February 1996. It is a geostationary satellite that resides directly above the region of Ethiopia. The Satellite is a TV broadcast and the country uses the signals from this satellite for voice & TV communications all over Pakistan. Pakistan launched this satellite from the Air Force Eastern Test Range (AFETR).

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SUPARCO-Pakistan National Space Agency launched this satellite on December 10th, 2001. This is the first-ever Earth resource and monitoring satellite for Pakistan. This means that this satellite helps Pakistan to monitor Earth’s oceans, and ice caps, as well as a few other things. This satellite is still operational and revolves around the earth and collects crucial data for Pakistan. The Agency launched this satellite from Tyuratam Missile and Space Complex (TTMTR).


PAKSAT 1R went into space on 11 August 2011. It was the replacement of Pakistan’s prior PAKSAT 1. This is also a geostationary satellite. It provides communications and broadcast services to Pakistan. In addition, experts estimate that the satellite has a lifespan of about 15 years. This means that the satellite will perform its duties till 2026. Pakistan launched this satellite from the Xichang Space Center, Chine (XSC).


ICUBE 1 satellite is a unique satellite that Pakistan launched on November 21, 2013. It is a CubeSats and Amateur Radio satellite. An amateur radio satellite is a specifically designed satellite for amateur radio operators. Pakistan launched this satellite from Orenburg, Russia (OREN).


Pakistan launched PAKTES 1A on the 9th of July, 2018. SUPARCO designed and developed the satellite. However, the agency had to import major parts of the satellite from South African Space Advisory. Pakistan launched this satellite from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, China (JSC)


PRSS 1 is an Earth observation satellite. Pakistan’s space agency is operating this satellite. The satellite has a lifetime of about 7 years. The satellite is still operational and will operate till 2025. Pakistan launched this satellite on the same day as PAKTES 1A i.e. 9 July 2018. The location of the launch was also similar to PAKTES 1A. 

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