Portugal bagged its first win in the FIFA WC 2022

Portugal has commenced its FIFA 2022 journey with a win in its first game. Ghana was not able to score any goal in the first half. Portugal’s Defence line did not give a way for the Ghanaian Strikers toward the goal. However, they also managed to draw 0-0 and reach halftime without particularly exerting themselves defensively. 

The Ghanaian team almost immediately went from taking the benefits to paying the price. As the second half started, Portugal’s strikers made it clear that they are coming for the goal. The start of the second half marked the ultimate test for the Ghanaian defense. However, the defense was unable to stop Christiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo scored his first 2022 World Cup goal and put Portugal on course for victory. This is the first time Portugal had won any tournament opener match since Germany in 2006.

Cristiano Ronaldo produced the two best chances in the first half. However, the Portuguese strikers could not benefit from them. Ronaldo had three attempts, worth a combined 0.40 expected goals. According to some experts and statistics, Ghana has made a record. Ghana is the first team that did not touch the ball in the opposition’s Penalty area in the first half.

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At halftime, Ronaldo switched from long sleeves to short sleeves. We don’t know what this change of shirt meant for Christiano. However, surprisingly, in the 65th minute, Ronaldo scored a goal to give Portugal a lead in his new attire.

The game almost finished with an equalizer when Inaki Williams almost scored after lurking behind the goalkeeper. However, he slipped at a crucial moment, losing the ball to defenders.  The 37-year-old Ronaldo has broken yet another record in the history of Football. Pelé, Uwe Seeler, and Miroslav Klose previously held the record. There were all the first players for their teams to score at five different World Cups. However, Ronaldo has added his name to the list. He scored his last 5 world cup opening goals in 2006, 2010, 2014, 2018, and 2022. 

This thrilling Portugal win is just the start of the tournament for the legendary player. His entire country is counting on him, to bring home the world cup. This is because this might be his last world cup given he is already at his retirement age. 

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