Sialkot : A Football capital of the world

The world of football considers Sialkot as the football capital of the world. Sialkot is a city in the eastern Pakistani province of Punjab. It produces 70% of the world’s hand-stitched footballs. Pakistan exports 20 million soccer balls, also known as footballs in Pakistan. The United Kingdom and many other countries love to buy Pakistan-made footballs. Countries use these footballs in all of the major leagues all over the world each year. The city of Sialkot is the world’s leading producer of soccer balls and has about 2,000 such factories.

Companies such as Adidas, Nike, and Reebok are all fond of Pakistan-made footballs. These companies purchase footballs in massive quantities. Pakistan produces around 75% of the world’s supply of football. Soccer is the world’s most watched and most economic sport. Developed countries such as those in Europe and more importantly in South America are fond of this sport. In such countries, soccer is the only sport that matters out of all the other sporting events. There are a few other countries that make soccer balls. However, Pakistan dominates the global market due to hand-stitched products. Official reports from the FIFA federation indicate that the authorities used Pakistani soccer balls for the 2014 and 2018 world cup. 

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There is a myth around the world that despite Pakistan being the world dominator of Soccer balls, No-one in Pakistan plays football. This is absolutely wrong. There are many youngsters in Pakistan that play football. However, the country’s main focus in terms of sports is cricket. But this doesn’t mean no one in Pakistan plays football. There are a few professional clubs and local tournaments in this country. Pakistan has the best soccer team in the global street child soccer tournament. Moreover, there are many district-level football players and tournaments that occur around this country.

Only, the government’s lack of funding and initiative programs toward this sport leads to this condition. Whereas, Pakistan only exports soccer balls but no good soccer players. According to some reports, FIFA is all set to use Pakistan-made soccer balls in the upcoming FIFA world cup. 

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