Dubai Miracle Garden re-opens for the 11th season

Dubai Miracle Garden is open to the world once again this year for its 11th season. This garden is one of the largest of its kind in the world. It is a record-breaking flower attraction with many visitors from all around the world. The Miracle Garden in Dubai needs to rebloom. The record-breaking attraction was shut down for the summer in May. However, it will reopen for its 11th season on Monday. The park has a floral theme with many kinds of flowers and plants to see. It is one of the largest parks in the world with more than 150 million flowers and plants. These flowers and plants grow with new structures and attractions every season. 

The popular blue characters from Belgian comics and films serve as the model for the Smurfs Village. The managers of the park added this attraction during the previous season along with a three-dimensional clock. The managers called this clock the “floating rock”. This is because it came with a fountain and floral peacocks.

Visitors can look forward to seeing well-known favorites like the record-breaking Emirates A380 installation. This is the tallest Mickey Mouse-shaped topiary structure in the world. Moreover, visitors can also see a sizable floral teddy bear. However, the authorities have yet not made public all of the 11th season’s new installations. The Dubai Miracle Garden spans 72,000 square meters. It has grown to be one of the top sights in the city since it first opened in 2011. 

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Guinness Book of World Records has also recognized it three times. It holds the world record for being the largest floral installation ever. Moreover, it is the only park in the whole world that has a life-size replica of an Emirates Airbus A380. The authorities constructed the mega plane using more than five million flowers.

To create a full-size replica of an Emirates Airbus A380, the Dubai Miracle Garden grew more than five million flowers. The world’s tallest work of topiary art is the 18-meter-tall Mickey Mouse floral statue from 2018.

Following the construction of Disney Avenue in 2019, well-known characters such as Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, and Pluto have joined Mickey Mouse. The installation is the largest work of topiary art and structure in the entire world.

In addition, there are many floral attractions and family-friendly live performances in the park. Moreover, the Dubai Miracle Garden has more than 30 food and drink kiosks spread out throughout the park.

The nearby Dubai Butterfly Garden has a separate entrance fee. The butterfly garden has 10 domes housing 15,000 distinct species of butterflies in various sizes and colors.

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