Another PIA flight steward slipped away in Canada

Another PIA flight steward ran away from the airline in Canada recently. Pakistan International Airlines is one of the worst-performing authorities by the government. This is not the first time an Airline steward/host slipped away from the International Airline. This time it was Mr. Ejaz Ali Shah who was on board flight PK-781. The flight traveled to Canada from Islamabad. The steward was bound to return to the country on flight PK-782 on 16 October. But this never happened, as the Airline host ran away from the Canadian Airport and disappeared somewhere in Canada. The real reason behind his escape is still unknown. However, there are many speculations that are roaming about.

According to reports, seven employees including 3 female air hostesses have gone missing over the span of 2 years. PIA has officially fired all of them but none of them has ever returned home or been found by the authorities for questioning. PIA officials have said that they cannot tell the reason behind the steward’s unprecedented escape. However, he assured the media that strict action would be taken against them if any of the missing persons is ever found.

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The investigations are underway and authorities are trying to find where the missing person is residing in Canada. Many people are speculating on multiple reasons for his escape. Some have even connected this escape with the recent viral video of a small kid. The viral video contained a young boy who claims that the school expelled him. He said that his father is a PIA worker but he lost his job. Due to this, his father cannot pay his school fee. The video went viral but soon enough another video circulated on the internet in which the same boy cleared his name. In the later video, he told everyone that his father has not lost his job but there are many other people who have lost their job in PIA. 

That’s why people think that the PIA is downscaling to save on budget. So, the fear of losing his job might have provoked Ejaz Ali Shah to run away to Canada for a better life.

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