The world is helping Flooded Pakistan but No Politicians have been so far in field

A lot of world-renowned personalities have come to flooded Pakistan. Recent flooding due to the climate crisis has taken the lives of more than 1,500 people all over the country. 400 out of these 1,500 were children. The flooding hit the majority of areas of Pakistan including areas such as the South of Punjab, the Upper South region of Pakistan, Balochistan Province, and Sindh. After this disaster, Pakistan became the center of the eye all over the world. Since then, international help is flowing in continuously. The Floods have affected more than 3 million people all over the country. 

Many international celebrities have come to flooded Pakistan to extend their hand for help. These celebrities include international humanitarian and Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. Moreover, Zimbabwean Islamic Scholar Mufti Menk also visited the flood-affected areas of Pakistan. Secretary General of United Nations Antonio Guterres also visited the affected areas recently. Each of the international figures visited the affected areas and lent a hand with the rescue operations.

Almost one-third of the country is underwater at this moment. Pakistan Army, Welfare Organizations, and international aid teams are working day and night in this time of difficulty. People on social media are now raising one question. Where is the Government? Where are our own celebrities? Along with questions were a lot of trolls and criticism of Pakistan showbiz and political figures. People are raising concerns over not watching a single political figure affected areas so far. 

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In the starting days of the calamity, few political figures including the Prime Minister and opposition leaders were seen in the areas. But, now international personalities are visiting Pakistan but political leaders and celebrities are nowhere to be seen.

People are also hugely criticizing Pakistani celebrities for attending the “HUM Style Awards” in First Hamilton, Canada held in the past week. People said that international celebrities are visiting Pakistan to provide aid to the people whereas our own ideals are enjoying stupid award shows in London. Moreover, people are also criticizing the people from the Government for visiting the USA on the government budget in midst of this disaster.

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