PIA offered a special deal for students traveling to China

Pakistan International Airline (PIA) has offered a special deal for students that travel to China. PIA has increased student discounts from 10% to 15% for students that will be going to China from Pakistan. Along with this PIA has announced a 7% additional discount on surcharges. This makes the total discount on a single unit of Tickets 22%. This discount is applicable to both incoming and outgoing flights. PIA made the public announcement on 14 September. This is a major relief for students that are studying abroad in China.

PIA offered a special deal of up to 22% discount for students traveling to China

According to an estimate, approximately more than 28,000 students from Pakistan study in China. These students are studying across China in multiple Universities that give scholarships to international students. Previously students China were trapped in China and were not able to return back home. This was due to the high price of fares from China to Pakistan on returning flights. However, PIA’s announcement has calmed many panicking students. Moreover, the maximum allowed limit on baggage has also increased. The limit has been raised to 80KGs for students. At this moment 2 weekly flights from Islamabad to Chengdu and Islamabad to Xian to Beijing are operating at full capacity. The administration states that the students who have completed their education could return home utilizing this amazing discount. 

Many students are going back to China. This is because the travel restrictions due to COVID-19 have lifted up. The world is coming back into its original form. Many institutes have continued their offline classes schedule and it’s time for Pakistani students to go back to studies. Whereas students already in China are desperate to come back and meet their families. The news has spread with great joy among the students of Pakistan. PIA has resumed its flight schedule with China after 6 long months. China had closed its airspace for international flights due to COVID-19. So, many of the students from Pakistan were in China and could not return back home. But, the wait is over for those students as PIA has resumed its operations with massive relief. Students can visit PIA’s official website to avail of this special discount.

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