Germany to donate additional £10 million for flood affectees of Pakistan

Germany has announced to donate an additional £10 million for flood affectees to Pakistan as International aid. The announcement came in on 15 September. This is not the first time Germany has come forward to help Pakistan. Germany has already given massive support to Pakistan in the early days of this calamity. It has been over a month now that half of Pakistan has been submerged in enormous flooding. Multiple countries from all over the world have come forward to assist Pakistan in overcoming this problem. Germany is the only country so far that has lent help twice during this time of difficulty.

It has been over a month since Pakistan was first hit by this major Climate Change crisis. Pakistan didn’t realize it would be the first target of the major climate change crisis happening all around the world. Until an early monsoon with more than average rainfall hit the country last month. Heavy rainfall and melting of the glaciers in the North of Pakistan resulted in flash flooding all over the country. Millions of people were displaced from their homes as those were completely destroyed in the flood. The government of Pakistan was unable to respond quickly to the changing situation of the country. 

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The government of Pakistan lacks resources to help its people. This is due to an already struggling economy and political instability in the country. However, International aid is reaching the country from all sides. Early in the chaos countries such as France, Saudi Arabia, Germany, and even Bangladesh sent help to Pakistan. Pakistan so far has received more than 100 flights of international aid for the flood-affected people. In this time when international aid is in full swing, Germany is proving to be a helpful nation.

Germany has announced a donation of £10 million for flood affectees to Pakistan. This has made the total donation by Germany to be £24 million. Germany has claimed to stand with Pakistan at all costs during this tragic time. The international aid by Germany includes things such as food supplies, medical supplies, and hygiene products. German Ambassador to Pakistan Alfred Grannas announced the donation on Thursday.

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