Fiverr announced a few hours shut down on Sept 18 for maintenance

Fiverr announced a shutdown on September 18. Fiverr is the world’s most renounced and visited website. It won’t be a false statement that most of the world’s online services trading happens on this platform alone. Many people who work online prefer Fiverr over all the other platforms due to its features. However, the world’s best also has to take a rest sometime. To be the best Administration at Fiverr ensures that their website remains smooth and efficient as always. However, This is not possible without proper maintenance. 

Fiverr has recently announced that it would go under a temporary shutdown on 18 September. The news came in like a shock to the daily users as this does not happen quite often. It is very rare for a website of this magnitude to go through a major maintenance period.

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Fiverr shared the announcement on their platform earlier this week. In their post, they shared the complete timeline and schedule of their shutdown routine. Fiverr shared the starting time for their maintenance activity in different time zones. The details are as follows:

  • UTC – 5 am, Sept 18th
  • BST – 6 am, Sept 18th
  • EDT – 1 am, Sept 18th
  • PDT – 11 pm, Sept 17th

Fiverr also advised its user to complete any pending orders. The site’s administration also answered some of the most common questions people would ask in their posts. They said that the maintenance period won’t take too long and the site will be up soon enough. However, people are worried about their pending orders. Administration told everyone that their gig rankings or order status won’t be affected by this maintenance activity. But it is better to complete any of your pending orders before the activity begins. Moreover, they said that anyone facing any issues with their orders or anything else can contact Support.

Many experts are predicting this could be an exercise of implementing a new feature within the website. As earlier this year a world-scale competition was held by the platform. In the competition, the theme was to design a system that could detect a possible scammer profile on the website and block it. Some people believe that this temporary shutdown may have something to do with that. Although there are no such claims by any Fiverr official yet.

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