PM Shahbaz lifts sports fund ban at prize distribution ceramoney

Shahbaz Shareef distributed cash prizes to winner athletes recently. Moreover, He opened a sports department in all fields. His small mistake became a laughing stock on the internet as well.

Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef met the Pakistani medalists of Commonwealth Games and Islamic Solidarity Games in Islamabad on Wednesday. He met them soon after returning from his two-day official trip from Qatar. However, PM Shareef praised the efforts and achievements of Pakistani athletes in international tournaments. Athlete Arshad Nadeem, who won back-to-back gold medals in both the events in Javelin Throw, demanded PM Sharif provide basic facilities in his village including a hospital. Nadeem urged PM Sharif to make his village a model village. He also announced ban of sports fund during the ceremony.

Gold medalists Nooh Dastgir Butt and Arshad Nadeem were given five million rupees cash awards. Silver medalists Muhammad Inam, Zaman Anwar, and Sharif Tahir have two million rupees each. While bronze medalists Ali Asad, Shah Hussain Shah, and Inayatullah were given one million rupees each. Moreover, Para-athlete Altaf-ur-Rehman, who won a bronze medal in Islamic Solidarity Games, was given a cash prize of 250,000 rupees.

Along with that, Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef announced on Thursday that he was reversing the decision of the previous government to stop public departments, corporations, and autonomous bodies from funding sports teams. However, This decision is applauded by all the athletes and sports personnel. He said “The ban was imposed by the previous government, asking all public departments, corporations, and autonomous bodies to stop their funding of sports teams in 30 different disciplines,”

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A small hiccup

One mistake can lead you to trend on Twitter for hilarious reasons. Moreover, At the same ceremony where he announced some historic decisions regarding sports. Here he said, “I hope the athletes who won bronze [medal] will receive silver or gold medals in the future. and the athletes who won gold medals will receive platinum medals,”.

However, this comment took the internet by storm. While netizens were making fun of the prime minister for committing such a mistake at a crucial moment. But despite this small incident, Shahbaz Shareef’s decision for the sports department is commendable.

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