Dua e Zahra Recovered from Bahawalnagar

Dua e Zahra and her spouse has been sent to Karachi after the peak of lawful hearings at the court; says police representatives.

Affirming the report, Anti-Violent Crime Cell SSP Zubair Nazir Sheik said that Dua Dua Zahra. The 14-year-old young lady who had strangely disappeared from Karachi in April. However later proclaimed that she had taken off from her home to marry 21-year-old Zaheer Ahmed.

 Her significant other has taken into defensive guardianship. The couple recovered from a legal counselor’s home by the CIA police. Prior, Dua e Zahra family had held up a report about her kidnapping on April 16. Nonetheless, she later uncovered on the web that she had married Zaheer Ahmed.

In a video proclamation, she said, they were terrified; consequently, they took cover here. She said the police took Zahra and Zaheer Ahmed into its authority.

“Dua e Zahra is my little girl. No one abducted her,” the lady said, adding that she came here all alone. Dua’s mother-in-law said when they attempted to send her back to her folks’ home, Dua rejected. Consequently, they were constrain to get the couple hitch in the high court.

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Sindh High Court

On May 30, the Sindh High Court (SHC) guided the Establishment Division to reclaim a charge from (IGP). Kamran Fazal over his disappointment in creating Dua Zahra under the steady gaze of the court.

A two-part seat headed by Justice Muhammad Iqbal Kalhoro continued the knowledge about a request recorded by Mehdi Ali Kazmi, the young lady’s dad. The court asked Fazal for clarification on what reason the procedure is not started. The SHC additionally coordinated for Fazal to show up under the watchful eye of the court face to face alongside his oath at the following hearing.

In the meantime, the court said that the current job/charge of the IG Sindh might allow instantly to an “effective” official. The official would be passed the court’s headings on to bring the missing kid on the following date of the hearing.

May 25, the SHC had guided the government inside secretary to give bearings to all the important policing to expand collaboration with the Sindh police for the recovery of Dua e Zahra. A supposed underage young lady who disappeared from Karachi last month, later found to hitched a man in Punjab.

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