FIA Seeks Permission to Arrest PM Shahbaz in Money Laundering

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Saturday informed a particular court in Lahore, that the office needed to arrest PM Shehbaz Sharif and his son CM Hamza Shahbaz in the Rs. 16 Billion money laundering case.

“As it is mention in the challan, we do require their arrest for further investigation,” said the FIA examiner. Who was answering a question set forth by the special focal court judge. On whether the organization requires the capture of the accused in the tax evasion case.

Nonetheless, Hamza’s counsel dismissed the FIA claims, blaming the organization for misdirecting the court as the “two had been a part of the examinations”.

The PM and Chief Minister were available in the court as of now. As procedures started, Pakistan Muslims League-Nawaz (PMLN) counsel Amjad Pervez communicated to the court that money laundering case was politically propelled, where party pioneers embroiled in a produced case. Pervez express that the accuse couldn’t pursued for comparative cases in two distinct courts. As per legitimate point of reference, as one more illegal tax avoidance case documented by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

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Investigation By FIA

“The accuse persons, when in jail, investigated by the FIA. The previous government used all the state’s machinery against the accused when they were opposition leaders,” Pervez contended.

In the meantime, the appointed authority allowed Shehbaz and Hamza to leave, saying the trial could continue without their presence. The PM and the CM left the court with the permission of the court.

Afterward, the court gave non-bailable capture warrants for Suleman Shahbaz and two others co-charged for the situation. The appointed authority coordinated the FIA to carry out the arrest warrants of the suspects and present a report in such a manner under the watchful eye of the court at the following hearing.

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