Islamabad Airport got Pakistan’s first Engineering Hanger

After four years of its inauguration, Islamabad Airport is updated with new technology. A well-equipped engineering hanger is about to open at the new airport. Now planes do not have to go to Karachi for maintenance and repair.

Pakistan International Airport made a historic and much-needed upgrade in its clan. Four years after the inauguration of the new Islamabad Airport, now a fully equipped engineering hanger opens in the vicinity. In addition, Hanger is fully capable of maintaining and repair of any aircraft. Now planes do not have to shift to Karachi for any repair. It is a very big step by the airplane since this needs a much bigger budget and human power.

With its Islamabad engineering department upgraded, PIA is looking forward to developing a purpose-built complex at IIA. PIA has identified the site at IIA for this purpose while it has started approaching different registered engineering firms for feasibility reports, design, construction, and consultation services. However, Sources said that the PIA engineering building would also enable the repairing of its faulty airplanes at IIA. While it would help in the examination of the airworthiness of aircraft for safe flights.

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The hangar, named after Noor Khan, will be used for maintenance of the PIA aircraft. Noor Khan had many services for PIA and during his tenure the national flag carrier made great strides and became one of the leading airlines in the world.

According to the Aviation Division, national airlines have shifted their marketing department, procedure bureau, central reservation control, revenue management, human resource, and security and vigilance department to Islamabad. While its finance, engineering, and situation room are present in Karachi.

The relocation process of the PIA Head Office to Islamabad is already in the process. They are just waiting for the approval letter they sent to Prime Minister. However, After the authority, the process will speed up and efficient service will start serving all passengers.

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