Dead body of legendary mountaineer Ali Sadpara finally found

Dead Bodies of Ali Sadpara alongside Iceland’s ‘John Snorri’ and Chile’s ‘Juan Pablo Mohr’, finally found after 5 months, just 300 meters below the infamous K2 bottle neck.

PAKISTAN – On July 26th 2021, the Gilgit Baltistan Information Minister, Raja Azam Khan confirmed that the dead body of Pakistan’s legendary Mountain Climber, Ali Sadpara has been finally found. Dead bodies of Ali Sadpara’s foreign companions Snorri and Mohr were also found. It was just right before reaching the infamous K2 bottle neck that Ali Sadpara and his companions lost contact 5 months ago.

Ali Sadpara’s climb to heaven

The climb that took the life of Ali Sadpara, started with a goal to summit the world’s second largest mountain without oxygen and that too in winters. While planning to climb K2, Ali Sadpara, alongside his son Sajid Sadpar, called upon his other climber friends. The group began their journey on 22nd of November from the K2 base camp and started climbing their way up.

The temperatures on K2 at the time were below -50 and oxygen was dropping below breathable levels. The weather situation was devastating at the time and winds blew at a maximum of 90km/h. However, Sadpara and team still decided to go forward.

Upon climbing for a few days, winds and low oxygen levels made a lot of people from the group go back to the base camp. However, Ali Sadpara alongside Sajid, Snorri and Mohr went onwards.  On 5th February, the four reached the K2 bottle neck. Just below the bottle neck, Sajid Sadpara felt a dire need of oxygen and Ali told him to use the oxygen cylinder.

Sajid tried to attach the cylinder to his pipe. The cylinder leak caused the oxygen supply to finish. Sajid was not able to join the three of them to the summit. He then said his goodbyes to his father at the bottle neck and went back to the team’s camp. Sajid started to make preparations for their arrival and waited for them to return.

Sajid Sadpara waited up until 10 at night, however Ali Sadpara, Snorri and Mohr were nowhere in sight. Seeing this he contacted the base camp and told them the situation. Sajid Sadpara went back to the base camp and the search operation began. The search operation lasted for about 12 days and ended on 18th August. The 3 climbers were declared dead on 18th August.

How were the dead bodies of Ali Sadpara and others found?

A travel company named Trek and Tours sighted the dead body. Trek and Tours saw the dead bodies just 300 meters below the K2 bottle neck.

The team saw the dead body from a distance. They identified the bodies by their red and black colored climbing suit. Soon after the identification of dead bodies, army helicopters reached the K2 base camp and have been trying to rescue the three dead bodies. Ali’s family will receive his body once recovered.

Ali Sadpara’s devotion towards mountain climbing

Ali Sadpara, often called the Lion of Mountains, had climbed 8 of the world’s 12 highest peaks. Ali had a passion for mountain climbing since a tender age. Ali was an asset to the nation. An asset whose name will go down in history books. Ali in multiple interviews, said that despite the dangers the sport carries with it self, he loves it with all his heart.

The mountains were home to Ali and he left the world while doing what he loves to do the most. Ali Sadpara might have gave his life while being buried in snow six feet underground, but his soul must have been climbing even bigger mountains up there in heaven.

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