Pakistan is participating in Asian Track Cycling

Pakistan Cycling Federation (PCF) announced the participation of Pakistan in the Asian Track Cycling competition. The track cycling is going to start in New Delhi. India is to be scheduled for this competition from June 18-22 this year.

President Pakistan Cycling Federation (PCF) Syed Azhar Ali Shah on Friday said that the Pakistan Cycling team is going to participate in Asian Track Cycling. The championship will held in New Delhi, India. It will start on 18 June and will end on 22 June. The Executive Council meeting of the federation has taken the decision about the participation of Pakistan in this championship.

The trials for the selection of cyclists are going to start on 8 May 2022. The venue of the trials will be Cycling Velodrome Lahore. All affiliated units of the Pakistan Cycling Federation (PCF) can participate in these trials. Moreover, It is specially mentioned that including Pakistan Army and WAPDA can also direct their riders for trials before the selection committee.

President of PCF, Syed Azhar Ali Shah, advised the team manager to ensure that all the riders should have valid passports. They all should have a rational cycling license as well.

Renewal of the Rider’s License

However, the President of PCF, Syed Azhar Ali Shah also added the teams can apply for renewal of their rider’s license till the end of April 2022. Pakistan Cycling Federation believes in sportsmanship and will give everyone a fair chance to go further if they deserve it and are doing their best for the promotion of sports in Pakistan, he added.

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He exclaims with sorrow, that in the past many years, the Cyclists of Pakistan missed many international events. Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) did not grant accreditation due to which this sort of issue happened in the past. He said that the POA must change its attitude towards cycling and give due status to PCF.

He further added that PCF is an affiliated body of Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) and the Asian Cycling Confederation (ACC). It is the duty of the POA to give valid status to PCF. However, he claimed this duty as per the agreement signed in Switzerland between POA and PCF. Pakistani rider Ali Ilyas has won a silver medal in the recently held 41st Asian Road Cycling Championship held at Dushanbe Tajikistan.

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