Are you feeling GUILTY?

by Aayiesha Chughtai

Feeling Guilty? No matter how much we criticise, other people hate, others dislike them, no matter how much we think we are different from others, we are perfect and better from others but believe me if we start observing our own self, we’ll get to kmow that all the people are same..

Let suppose we girl are biggest rivals of each other.hate to have same dress same hairstyle. While on the other side. We are role model for each other and yes many of us or may be all of us are somehow dreaming of living a life of some other girl. But in the end all the girls are same. We have same characteristics same cravings same disorders. Here are some points which can help you to observe it that all the girls have same mentality to handle things, same perspective or same goals..

  • All the girls belong to fantasyland. We all believe in fairytales and want a life like that.
  • No matter how sober we are how civilised we are but we all have a bitch inside who is dying to become fire.
  • We all believe in love, Betrayal and have experienced it once or more
  • From age 16 to 25 we all want to live life with prince charming while after 25 we want a well settled man or uncle. Lol
  • We all want to become pregnant once or more in life. Seof us are struggling for it either.
  • We all have pile of clothes in cupboard but still cry for clothes while we can spend our whole life in PJs.

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  • Whether you love long or short hair. We all are afraid of dandruff.
  • We all hate periods.
  • We live in character of our fav heroes more than ourselves.
  • We love to shop useless things.
  • We all avoid but eventually fall in love with our husbands.
  • We love to eat food but all of us want to stay slim and healthy
  • We all are looking for an opportunity to dance like a mad man in streets hoping that no one would be notice.

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