Blue Nile Mega-Dam Start Producing Electricity by 2022

Ethiopian Dam named Blue Nile Mega-Dam has started producing Electricity. Ethiopia is confident that they have just taken the step toward development. Unlike success, a few factors may cause problems in the future.

Ethiopia started creating power interestingly from its Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). Blue Nile Mega-Dam is a tremendous hydropower plant on the River Nile. Its neighbors Sudan and Egypt say it will cause serious water deficiencies downstream.

It is going to be one of the biggest dams. This Ethiopian Dam becomes the largest electricity scheme in Africa. Head of the state Abiy Ahmed authoritatively introduced power creation on Sunday from the mega-dam. An achievement in the controversial multibillion-dollar project.

Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed said, “Ethiopia’s main interest is to bring light to 60 percent of the population. Who are suffering in darkness, to save the labor of our mothers who are carrying wood on their backs to get energy,”

Abiy, joined by high-positioning authorities, visited the power age station. He squeezed a progression of buttons on an electronic screen, a power move. He is confident that this will help Ethiopia in its development.

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Dams are necessary for every country nowadays. The country will not have to buy electricity from other countries. However, Blue Nile Mega-Dam is the first dam in Ethiopia. This can lead Ethiopia to new higher heights. Moreover, Sudan and Egypt feel this like a threat for them. Moreover, Dams can store water and help in irrigation and agriculture. This dam is undoubtedly a game-changer for African countries.

Concern of Sudan and Egypt

Sudan and Egypt are feeling threatened by the Ethiopian Dam. Water flowed and produce electricity. This is the basic process of a Dam. The water is flown to Sudan and Egypt from Ethiopian Dam. Whereas, Sudan and Egypt are concerned that the people and Government of Ethiopia will store the water and cause a drastic drought.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, said, “As you can see, this water will generate energy while flowing as it previously flowed to Sudan and Egypt. unlike the rumors’ that say the Ethiopian people and government are damming the water to starve Egypt and Sudan.”

Location of Blue Nile Mega-Dam
Location of Blue Nile Mega-Dam

The Largest Hydroelectric scheme in Africa-Ethiopian Dam

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is set to be the largest hydroelectric scheme in Africa. It has been the center of a regional dispute among Ethiopia and its neighbors. It has broken ground there in 2011. However, no deal happened regarding that dam.

This project cost is $4.2 Billion. It expects to produce 5,000 Megawatts. Surprisingly, it is more than double Ethiopia’s Electricity output. Egypt depends on the Nile for about 97 percent of its irrigation and drinking water. It sees the dam as an existential threat. Sudan hopes the project will regulate annual flooding but fears its dams could harm without agreement on the GERD’s operation.

Off-Track Ethiopia

Ethiopia has lost so much till now. Most people of Ethiopia have not seen Electricity. Moreover, The project of Dam has started producing Electricity from 20th February. They have produced 750 Mega-Watt electricity. Besides all the war is happening in the west, the threat issue with Egypt. Ethiopia still complete its project with the help of China and Russia.

“Our country has lost so much because the dam was delayed, especially financially,” project manager Kifle Horo said in his remarks.

The most common way of filling the GERD’s tremendous repository started in 2020. Initially, It is with Ethiopia declared in July of that year it had hit its objective of 4.9 billion cubic meters. The repository’s complete limit is 74 billion cubic meters. The objective for 2021 was to add 13.5 billion. Last July. Ethiopia said it had hit that objective, importance there was sufficient water to start creating energy. Although a few specialists cast uncertainty on the cases.

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