Saif Ul Malook Lake, Beautiful Oasis in Naran, Pakistan

Saif-ul-Malook Lake, Naran is a place that holds a lot of folk stories and mysteries in its beautiful blue water. It is stationed at the 5th most vacationed location in Pakistan.

Saif Ul Malook lake is located at the end of Kaghan Valley, near Naran. This lake is the highest alpine lake in Pakistan. It is located at an altitude of 10,578 feet above sea level. It is one of the most attractive points for tourists in this country.

Shape of the Lake saif ul Malook is a sort of bowl. Many frosty glasses of water accumulate in it. It consists of a large eco-diversity. There are brown trout fish, a  bulk amount of blue-green algae, and various water plants and phytoplankton present in this frosty Lake.

The best time to visit this beautiful Lake is started in June and ends in September. After that, the snowfall happens till this lake is all frozen. There is a huge risk then to visiting it. It is a jeep track from where tourists can reach this lake. The government of Pakistan is very keen on promoting tourism. They took a lot of steps to encourage local as well as foreign tourists to visit this magical place.

Recreational Activities

Trout fishing is very popular in Kaghan Valley, Naran. Trout is the fish that swim against the flow of the water. The taste of trout fish is quite good. However, it is very difficult to catch but still, people of this area like it the most. Trout is present in this lake. Tourists usually do fishing there. Track is quite difficult, definitely not for faint hearted. But people who love adventure with a hint of nature finds a way to reach here.

Lake Saif ul Malook in Winter
Lake Saif ul Malook in Winter

Boating and Camping facilities are also available in this lake. Adventure enthusiasts usually do boat skiing there. The depth of the lake is 15m i.e., 50 feet approximately. Proper safeguards are required to do boating there. Camping at the time of full moon is like sitting in a fairyland. Highly recommended to the people who want to see a full moon with billions of stars.

Fairy tale of Saif-ul-Malook

The history of this dazzling lake attracts many tourists. This is about love that attracts all people around the world. The story is about the Prince, Saif ul malook, who fell in love with the fairy princess, named Badi Ul Jamal.

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Saif Ul Malook was a prince of Egypt. He had a handsome amount of inherited treasure. The treasure has 2 seals one having the image of Saif and the other one having the image of Badi Ul Jamal. When Saif saw the picture of Badi Ul Jamal, he immediately fell in love with her. Saif left his home in search of her. However, the journey took 6 years to complete but in the end, saif has found his love. One day a saint met Saif and give him a Sulemani Cap and told him that this cap will take him to the desired place.

Saif found Badi ul Jamal

The saint told the prince that he would find the fairy in a lake but he had to pass several exams and also pray to achieve her, as she was a fairy queen and the prince was human. A human eye can never see a demon or fairy as they are “fire borne”. Saif has reached the place and prayed for 40 consecutive days. He became very weak and his condition was getting worst day by day.

Arial View of Lake
Arial View of Lake

On the 14th of that month prince thought, may he will see her tonight. Suddenly he saw the fairy queen come along with her maids to take bath in the lake. She was so beautiful with dark black hair and illuminated eyes. Saif has talked to Badi Ul Jamal and she told saif that she was trapped by White Giant in the castle of Koh Qaf. White Giant also has the same feelings for fairy queen like Saif ul Malook. Saif took her and tried to escape. When the white giant came to know he made turbulences bitterly in this lake, because of which flood came in Kaghan Valley. Fairy and the Prince took shelter in a cave near the lake due to the flood.

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Ansoo Lake in Kaghan Valley, a couple of miles from Saif-ul-Malook, was made out of the tears of the white monster when he figured out that the fairy was no more. As per the classic tale, the prince and the fairy still actually live until today, in that cavern and dance over the water surface on the 14th evening of each lunar month.

Apart from stories and myths, this place is so beautiful and alluring. Its attractive water is unforgettable for all the tourists. Adventurous groups camp her and enjoy the appealing star gaze, in the crystal clear sky above the lake.

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