Charro Machi Lake, Dazzling Oasis in mountains of Baluchistan

In the middle of dry mountains and patchy roads, Allah has created a beautiful oasis named Charro Machi in the vast land of Baluchistan. With Government’s attention, it can provide a large sum of tourism and revenue to the country.

If you are a road trip lover, we have a very special deal for you who travel through Karachi-Quetta Highway also known as RCD (N-25) National Highway. You will reach the most beautiful hidden gem in the location named Charro Machi Lake.

It is located in the city of Khuzdar, Baluchistan covering a total area of 347,190 sq. km, a beautiful crystal clear water lake and beautiful trees are there to fulfill your natural libido.

Pakistan is full of different and difficult dimension locations. UNESCO has added the lake in the acclaimed Heritage spots. It also has places full of nature’s blessings. This unique feature makes Pakistan a wholesome country for tourists and explorers.

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In recent times, passionate travelers have started exploring the dry land of Baluchistan. Now a whole new hidden gem is found in the land of these mountains. Only a few people knew about this lake.

Unique Features of Lake

Since the lake is still safe from human brutality, the water is so clear and beautiful. No proper road or maintained highways lead to the lake, so you have to be mentally prepared for bumpy roads. For nature lovers, this place is like heaven. Blue water, clean air, peaceful environment and quite atmosphere makes this place a must go place for people living in chaotic cities.

Charro Machi resides in extreme weather conditions. So it is better if you pack your clothes accordingly. Recently a lot of travel agencies are offering day trips to visit this lake. The trip includes food, transportation, security, and other facilities. Moreover, the general charges for a trip are 7000 to 8000, But it can vary from place to place.

Like some other regular vacation spot in Pakistan, Charro Machi cascade in Khuzdar, Baluchistan, is a daytime spot as there are no lighting plans and it gets pretty dim after nightfall. Thus, attempt to design your visit as needs are. It has no medical facilities, food or accommodation nearby, so you have to prepare for that as well.

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Covered in the wild or perhaps the most desolate places on earth, the Charro Machi cascade is found 45 kilometers south-east of the city of Khuzdar. To get to this well-known vacation destination in Baluchistan, you may need to take a rough terrain track. So if you already visited and enjoyed this place, do let us know and share your experience with us.

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