Mongolian Princess Khutulun: An undefeated warrior in history

One of the forgotten name in history is Mongolian Princess Khutulun. This brave lady of nomads brought in life by historians in 17th century. The life of one of history’s greatest female athlete remembered and revered as a mark of celebrating women’s space regardless of the time and age.

There are few personalities that leave a mark on world. One of them is Mongolian princess Khutulun. other names are Aigiarne (which said to mean ‘shining moon’), Aiyurug, and Khotol Tsagaan. She born in 1260 in the house of Kaidu, a prestigious man in Mangol tribes. He was the cousin of Kublai khan, who was a descendant of Genghis Khan. In short Khutulun was the great great grand daughter of Genghis Khan. In Kaidu’s era, Mongol empire spread from china to middle east. Khutulun was the first lady who adopted Chinese tradition in Mongol tribes.

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She was the sister of 14 brothers. Being a favorite kid of her father, she learnt each skill and mastery that only her brothers are learning. She was a trained horse rider, wrestler and archer. In a small age she use to take part in wars with her father. According to Marco Polo she grabs an enemy and bring him to his father at the speed of hawk. Enemies could not compete with this strategy of princess. It helps Kaidu won a lot of wars and increase his strength.

Marriage and her unique condition

When she enters in early 20s, her father wants her to settle down. She does not want to get married. So she requested her father to put one condition on all candidates. Whoever won a wrestling match from her, is eligible to marry her, otherwise he has to give 100 horses to her. Looking at her skills and wish, Kaidu agrees to her condition. Many candidates came no-one can defeat Mongolian princess. She managed to won 10,000 horses instead.

Once a prince came that Kaidu liked the most. According to him he was Khutulun’s best suit. He said if he managed to defeat Princess khutulun in wrestling, He will give 1000 horses. After the match Khutulun won 1000 horses with no husband to bound with. She also known as Princess of 10,000 horses.

She remained single till her late 30s. A lot of rumors and speculations starts circulating about her incesterous relation with her father. After the death of her father, she finally settled down with a soldier of her army. In few stories she got married twice. One with a prisoner because he was good looking. It a power lady move that despite of being old age, she married according to her own choice.

Death of Mongolian Princess Khutulun

Kaidu died in 1301 in a war. He loved her daughter so much that he wanted to name her “Khan” instead of his 14 sons. She wanted to fulfil her father’s wish but faces strong opposition from males of her tribe. After the fall of Mongolian dynasty, she tried to get back the glory. But failed and her brother let her down on throne race. She died in 1306 at the age of 46 under mysterious circumstances.

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History forgot this amazing princess for centuries after that. Later in 17th century when historians captures the essence of Genghis Khan’s life, story of Khutulun reincarnated. Folk stories, poems and historians keeps Mongolian princess alive till now. Recently her character featured in Netflix’s show Marco Polo. her character played with talented actress Claudia Kim.

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