Pharaoh’s coffin displayed at Dubai expo 2020

Ancient coffin found at the location of Saqqara, an old village of Egypt. This Pharaoh’s coffin displayed in the Egyptian pavilion at the expo 2020.

Coffins and pyramids plays a vital role in the culture of ancient Egypt. The whole history and significance can be understand by these artifacts and tombs. Recently a new Pharaoh’s coffin discovered in the area of Saqqara, a small native village in Egypt. Saqqara an active burial ground for more than 3,000 years and is a designated UNESCO world heritage site. The coffin of the Pharaoh belongs to priest Psamtik, the son of Pediosir from the ancient Egyptian civilization.

Coffin made of colored wood and in a very traditional way. The coffin decorated with a large necklace that has the head of a falcon. Nut, the goddess of the sky appears, spreading her wings, carrying the two feathers of Maat, the goddess of truth and justice. The center part of the coffin decorated with religious incantations. On the lower part of the coffin, two figures of Anubis, the god of the afterlife, appear above his cottage standing in front of the dead.

Apart from the Pharaoh’s coffin, modern replicas of King Tutankhamun have also arrived to display at Egypt’s pavilion. The collection of replicas includes his golden mask, his sarcophagus, the ‘Ka’ guardian statue of the king, a special festive chair as well as his golden throne.

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King Tutankhamun was be throne as a king when he was 9. Ruled the country as a pharaoh for 10 years until his death at the age of 19, around 1324BC. He known for reversing the tumultuous religious reforms of his father, Pharaoh Akhenaten. The ‘Ka’ from his collection meant spirit in ancient Egypt and the statue was a resting place for the person after death.

Dubai opening door for every culture in its expo

Dubai known for absorbing each culture prevails in the world. So they organizes this expo to show how world is unique and its eccentric perspectives. Expo 2020 starts in Oct 1 to onwards for general public. It has more than 100 categories to show in this expo. Pharaoh’s coffin displayed under the category of Egyptian history and artifacts.

One of the most colorful and exciting category for public was Egyptian pavilion. They displayed various artifacts that depicts their rich ancient history. Their history is full of afterlife myths and how to preserve life for next generation. The transfer of these artifacts comes to assure the keenness of all Egyptian state agencies to maximize all their capabilities to grant the success of the Egyptian participation in Expo Dubai 2020 and to ensure that Egypt’s pavilion reflect the significance of the country’s role and leadership as one of the most top tourist attractions and archaeological destinations in the world.


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