Ancient Remains of 5,000-Year-Old ‘Giants’ Discovered in China

Archeologists in China have made a dazzling revelation. Observing graves bearing the old remaining parts of a ‘giant’ individual buried around 5,000 years back.

Archaeologists of China have also found 5,000 years old Giant remains in China. The oldest human on earth is Lucy. He is nearly 3.2 million years old. Archaeologists have found the remains of Lucy in Ethiopia.

Archeologists dig up and study the physical (material) remains of people. They want to know who lived there a long ago. They want to discover the public architecture, arts, and objects of daily lives. Moreover, they also want to find to answer questions about who the people were, how they lived, what they ate, and what their lives were like.

The 5,000 years old remains were found in Shandong Province in southeast China. It had revealed that at least one male individual would have reached 1.9 meters (6 ft, 3 inches) in height, along with others measuring 1.8 meters (5 ft, 11 inches) tall.

Comparison of Heights in SouthEast China

“This is just based on the bone structure,” the head of Shandong University’s school of history and culture, Fang Hui, explained to China’s state-run news agency, Xinhua.

“If he was a living person, his height would certainly exceed 1.9 metres.

The National Average height of the same region in 2015 was 1.72 meters. This is approximately 5 ft 8 inches. Whereas, the remains of the person would have a height of 1.9 meters i.e., around 6 feet 3 inches. This shows there is a difference between the height of the person of today and 5,000 years ago in the southeast side of China.

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Even though a man of today of southeast china takes more healthy precautionary measures. He enjoys far better access to a range of healthy foods. However, the average height of a European man 5,000 years ago us 1.65 meters. So it’s clear these ‘giants’ were definitely unusually tall for their time.

Food Resources 5,000 Years Ago

People had too many food resources at that time. The extraction of the remains has shown that the food resources at that time in southeast china have diversity. With respect to what gave these ancient people such great height, the scientists think individuals of what’s called Longshan culture – named after Mount Longshan in Zhangqiu – had great food to thank for their healthy frames.

“Already agricultural at that time, people had diverse and rich food resources and thus their physique changed,” Fang told Xinhua

The design of the remnants of houses found in the dig likewise shows things like separate rooms and kitchen which is decidedly comfortable conveniences for the people of southeast china. Those living in Jiaojia didn’t have too much to complain about.

Archeologists have also found pig bones and teeth. They have found that while uncovering the remains of humans. Archeologists suggested that the villagers of that time used them for farming. They have also found some colorful pottery and jade objects.

One of the best things about this finding is, the extracts have not been reviewed by the other scientists yet. The Archeologists have found them pure. One of the most exciting things is, how much is left to discover. So far, just 2,000 square meters of the Jiaojia site have been excavated. Who knows how many more secrets are hidden in the Jiojia.

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