Special Flight Brings Home 140 Pakistani Students from Kyrgyzstan

In response to recent attacks on students in Kyrgyzstan, a special flight from Bishkek safely landed at Lahore Airport. The flight carried 180 passengers, including 140 Pakistani students.

Federal Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi welcomes evacuated students at airport. He arrived at the airport before the flight’s arrival to ensure all necessary arrangements were in place. “The life of our children is of utmost importance,” he stated. “We must prioritize bringing back those who are injured. Our primary goal is to save lives and ensure their safe return.”

Mohsin Naqvi not only welcomed the evacuated students but also listened to their concerns and experiences. The Minister also inquired about the ongoing situation in Kyrgyzstan, seeking first-hand accounts from the students to better understand their needs and the circumstances they faced.

The students expressed relief and gratitude for the swift action taken by the Pakistani government. Many shared their concerns about safety and the difficulties they encountered during the attacks. Minister Naqvi assured them that their safety is the government’s top priority and the efforts are underway to address their concerns.

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According to official sources, the government has planned additional evacuation flights to bring back other stranded Pakistanis from Bishkek. These special flights are scheduled to operate tomorrow, ensuring that more citizens can return home safely.

Pakistani Students Shared their Terrible Experiences

After they arrived, the students quickly talked to Minister Naqvi. They told him about their fear and frustations. They shared terrifying moments of danger and torture they faced while staying in Kyrgyzstan.

According to the students, Pakistani Ambassador Hasan Zaigham repeatedly assured them that everything was normal. He ignored the severity of their plight, despite their perilous situation.

“One of the students shared, ‘Our lives were in danger, and we were being tortured. But the Pakistani ambassador kept telling us that everything was normal.’ We felt abandoned and very sorry.”

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