Pakistan Records Historic Increase in IT Exports,  Surging to $310 Million in April

Last month, Pakistan reached a significant milestone as its Information Technology (IT) exports surged to a record-breaking $310 million. 

Minister of State Shaza Fatima announced that this notable increase represents Pakistan’s largest growth in IT exports ever recorded within a single month. It marks a significant achievement for the nation.

In April 2024, Pakistan experienced a remarkable surge of 62.3% in IT exports compared to the same period last year. This feat underscores the country’s growing prominence in the global IT arena. Minister Fatima emphasized the government’s steadfast dedication to boosting IT exports. She attributed this remarkable progress to the unwavering commitment of the prime minister and the administration’s focused efforts on advancing the IT sector.

Minister Fatima stated, “This extraordinary surge in IT exports is a testament to our unwavering resolve to strengthen the digital economy and elevate Pakistan’s stature in the global IT landscape.” She highlighted how important it is to keep supporting and investing in the IT industry to help it keep growing.

The minister also praised the government’s good policies and actions for making an environment where IT businesses and professionals can grow well.

Earlier Reports

Earlier reports from the Ministry of Information Technology showed a big increase in Pakistan’s IT exports during the months before this one in the financial year. From July to March, there was a big 17.44% increase in IT exports, making about $339 million. In total, during this time, the IT exports were $2.283 billion, which is a lot more than the year before.

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In March, there was a really big jump in IT exports, with an increase of $306 million. It is 36% more than March of the year before. These numbers show how the IT sector in Pakistan keeps growing strong, making the country an important part of the global IT market.

Pakistan is advancing in information technology. The government is dedicated to encouraging new ideas and leading digital changes. This commitment ensures that the IT sector will keep growing and bringing prosperity.

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