Third Flight from Kyrgyzstan Bring Pakistani Students Home Safely

A third flight from Kyrgyzstan, carrying Pakistani students, has safely landed at Lahore Airport. Parents and relatives gathered at the airport eagerly awaited the arrival of Flight KA-6571, which brought the students.

Information Minister Ata Tarar welcomed the students at the airport. He expressed his satisfaction with the successful effort to bring them back home safely. He also said the government will keep working to ensure the safety and well-being of Pakistani citizens abroad.

The government made special plans for the returning students, making sure everything went smoothly when they arrived. Families felt relieved and happy as they reunited at the airport. “The government has prioritized the safe return of our students, and we are pleased to see them back home,” stated Tarar. “We will continue to monitor the situation and provide necessary support to our citizens abroad.”

Bringing back students from Kyrgyzstan is just one part of the Pakistani government’s big plan to help citizens stuck in different countries because of global problems. The successful arrival of the third flight marks a significant step in these efforts. It provides relief to anxious families and highlights the government’s dedication to its people.

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Two Flights Arrived at Lahore Airport on Sunday

On Sunday, two flights carrying 180 passengers each were set to arrive at Lahore Airport from Kyrgyzstan. According to details, the first flight was scheduled to land at 7pm and the second at 2am.

Meanwhile, protesters gathered at the Kyrgyz embassy in Islamabad to submit a condemnation resolution. The demonstration saw participation from the families of affected students who are appealing to the government for assistance.

Local residents in Kyrgyzstan have started evicting Pakistanis from rented homes. This has led students to confine themselves to their rooms to avoid attacks by mobs.

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