Bollywood Star Salman Khan Reportedly Faces Fresh Threats

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is reportedly facing fresh threats to his safety, rekindling concerns following similar incidents in 2022. The threats are allegedly linked to the Lawrence Bishnoi gang who allegedly killed the young Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose Wala.

On Sunday, there was a scary incident outside Bollywood superstar Salman Khan and Writer Salim Khan’s home in Mumbai. A person fired a gun, and now we know one of the guys involved might be a gangster named Vishal Rahul. He’s part of a group linked to crimes in that area.

Vishal has a history with a gang called the Lawrence Bishnoi gang. This gang claimed they killed a famous singer Sidhu Moose Wala and even threatened Salman before.

After the shooting, a guy named Anmol Bishnoi, who is Lawrence’s brother, said they did it. He warned that next time, Salman might get hurt.

In a Facebook post, it was stated, “We want peace, but if it’s war you want, Salman Khan, we’re ready. We’ve done this just to show you our capabilities and to test you. This is our first and final warning. After this, bullets won’t just be fired at homes.”

But Salman’s dad, Salim, thinks it’s just a way for these guys to get attention. He says there’s nothing to worry about.

History Of Threats

This isn’t the first time Salman got threats. Last year, his manager got an email from a gangster named Lawrence, asking to meet another person linked to the gang. The police got involved, but nothing serious happened.

Then, there was a threat from someone in Rajasthan and even a call from a person claiming they’d attack Salman directly. But the police caught the person behind it.

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The threats against Salman go way back to 1998 when he was shooting a movie and accidentally killed a blackbuck, an animal considered sacred by some people. Since then, gangs have been paying attention to him.

But police say these threats are often just to scare famous people into giving money to these gangs.

Despite facing many threats over the years and dealing with organized crime, Salman is still loved by people and respected in Bollywood. His last movie, Tiger 3, came out in November 2023, and he just announced his next one, Sikandar, which will be out on Eid in 2025.

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