Popular YouTube channel Nashpati Prime Is Closed

You may be familiar with the famous current affairs and comedy channel “Nashpati Prime” on YouTube. It was founded in July 2018 and gained a fan following of 1.05m subscribers quickly. In an encrypted message posted on their social media handles, it seems that it is closed forever. But why!

Let’s be honest! we all love Youtube. Comedy, podcasts, or informational videos are the best way to kill time and have lots of entertainment. One channel that gained massive popularity in a short time is “Nashpati Prime”. A recent post on their all social media handles indicates its forever closure.

People are getting furious and curious about its sudden closure. Some are saying it’s a gimmick of marketing for their upcoming web series or new venture. However, some people are thinking they are revamping the platform. It is also being said that the channel is suffering after the popular show “TBH” hosted by Tabish Hashmi due to his cheap language and vulgar jokes.

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There is also a rumor that the channel is suffering politically which made them compromise their freedom of speech. While the posts of closure are real, others are just a rumor and officials haven’t posted anything concrete regarding this issue.

Nashpati Prime, a digital media company in Pakistan, is grabbing attention for its entertaining video content. Since starting in July 2018, it has become a go-to source for on-demand videos.

Nashpati Prime is a project by QLinksGroup, aiming to bring entertainment to people digitally. The group has experience in TV productions and campaign design. Nashpati Prime uses platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, along with its website, to reach its audience.

Channel’s Prominent Projects

The company offers a diverse range of shows, including:

  1. “Saat Mulaqatein”: A drama series following a couple’s journey through love and separation.
  2. “Arpitah”: A horror series featuring talented actors like Sarwat Gillani and Yasra Rizvi.
  3. “To be Honest”: A talk show hosted by Tabish Hashmi, discussing various topics with guests.
  4. “Khanabadosh”: A public service program hosted by Zafar Mairaj, addressing important social issues.

Nashpati Prime’s show “To be Honest” made a mark by starting on its platform and later airing on TV One, marking a shift to digital-first entertainment.

While we all are sad about its closing news. It is yet to be seen the actual reason behind it. We will update you as the situation escalates.

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