Ukrainian Woman Daria Died Few Hours After Accepting Islam

A 29-year-old woman from Ukraine, Daria Kotsarenko, died in Dubai earlier this week. This happened hours after she converted to Islam and observed her first Ramadan fast. 

According to tweets on social media, the woman, known as Daria Kotsarenko, did not have any family members or relatives in Dubai. This news led the whole nation to an overwhelming expression of grief, love, and support. 

Sources tell us that she came to the UAE on a tourist visa, and later she started seeking a job there. In this journey, she not only found job opportunities but also discovered the beauty of Islam. 

A widely shared document showed that Daria Kotsarenko was originally a Christian but converted to Islam in the UAE on March 25th. 

Some sources also revealed that Daria had been learning about Islam before moving to Dubai to find a job. She officially embraced Islam at a nearby mosque in Dubai, showing her love and dedication to it.

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Cause of Death

According to reports, the woman’s death, which happened a few hours later when she embraced Islam, was the result of a heart attack. Sadly, her sudden death ended her profound journey, deeply impacting society. People were touched by her story and mourned her loss. 

Many people gathered at the Martyrs Mosque in the UAE for her funeral procession, drawing a large crowd. This kind of support is common among UAE residents. In the past, there were instances when large groups of people attended the funerals of new converts. 

One such example was in November 2022, when a 93-year-old woman embraced Islam. Louis Jene Mitchell, also known as Um Yahya, was in Dubai with her son. This news has also gone viral on social media. One social media platform in the UAE shared her details of converting to Islam and her funeral details. This news attracts attention from Abu Dhabi residents, who attended her funeral in large numbers. 

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Lt-Gen. Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed, has praised these actions, calling them a demonstration of Emirati values. 

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