Miri Regev Shares Alternative Trade Route to Bypass Red Sea Issues

Israeli transportation minister Miri Regev posted a video on X where she stands at Gujarat’s Mundra port and explains the new trade route. 

Global trade is disrupted due to ongoing conflicts in the Red Sea, particularly attacks on Israeli ships by Yemen’s Houthi rebels. Therefore, Israeli transport minister Miri Regev recently shared an important new trade route. 

What’s going on in the Red Sea?

Gaza is suffering a tough time due to constant attacks from Israel’s military. To show support for Gaza, Yemen’s Houthi rebels are attacking Israeli ships in the Red Sea. This conflict has caused big problems for global trade because 12% of it goes through the Red Sea. The Red Sea is very important for trade as it connects the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea through the Suez Canal. But attacks have led to concerns for goods safety, so some are going around the bottom of Africa. This process adds both time and expense to their journeys. 

What Is the New Route for Trade?

To tackle these challenges, Israel has been exploring new routes for trade. In a video posted on X, Minister Regev highlights a new route that involves the Mundra port in Gujarat, India. 

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Here’s how it works: Goods are shipped by sea from Mundra port to ports in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), such as Jebel Ali Port in Dubai. From there, the goods are transported by land through Saudi Arabia and Jordan to Israel. Two shipping companies, Israel’s Trucknet and the UAE’s PureTrans, are reported to be involved in this operation. 

Minister Regev explained the importance of the new route in her video. She highlighted the challenges arising from the conflict in the Red Sea. She emphasized the importance of finding alternative ways to bring goods to Israel. The Mundra port serves as a crucial starting point, facilitating the transit of goods to the UAE before their journey from overland to Israel. 

Interestingly, a similar route could also play a role in the Middle East-European Economic Corridor (IMEC). This ambitious project aims to connect India with Europe through the Middle East. They want to offer further opportunities for trade and economic collaboration. However, the recent conflict in Gaza has impacted the progress of the IMEC, causing delays in its development. 

The new trade route from Mundra port to Israel via the UAE offers a promising solution to the challenges arising from the conflicts in the Red Sea. 

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