Will Smith Shares Journey of Self-Discovery Through Quran

Hollywood star Will Smith recently spoke about finding solace in reading religious texts, including the Quran. He mentioned reading the Quran cover to cover during Ramadan last year. Smith said he was impressed by the Quran’s clarity and and and and and and simplicity. He also appreciated the Quran’s stories, particularly the one about Prophet Moses.

In a recent interview, Will Smith, the renowned Hollywood actor known for his roles in various blockbuster movies, opened up about his spiritual journey and the profound impact of reading the Quran during a challenging period in his life.

Smith, who has won an Oscar for his performances, spoke candidly about his affinity for spirituality. Especially during the past two years, which he described as difficult. Seeking solace and introspection, he delved into various holy scriptures, including the Quran.

He further said, “I read the Quran from cover to cover during the month of Ramazan this year.”

“I loved the simplicity; the Quran is so clear; it is crystal clear. It is hard to walk away with misunderstanding,” Smith said, adding that he read the Quran last Ramadan. “The spirit of it was so beautiful and clear.”

This introspective journey came during a challenging period for Smith, prompting him to seek deeper meaning and understanding. He highlighted the Quran’s accessibility, praising its clear and straightforward language. The stories within the scripture, particularly those of Prophet Moses, resonated deeply with him. You can hear the complete interview here!

Smith’s exploration extended beyond the Quran, encompassing other holy books as well. He spoke of finding a sense of connection among these texts, highlighting the shared themes and lineage within Abrahamic religions.

“I was surprised how it is like one story, from the Torah through the Bible and into the Quran. I never totally understood Abraham as the father and then the split with Isaac and Ishmael and it was beautiful to get the completion of that comprehension.”

The movie star, who is on a visit to Saudi Arabia, also expressed his “love” for the Middle Eastern country and its culture during a podcast with MBC.

“I think I was a Genie in a past life. I am so at home; I love it here,” Smith, who played the role of Genie in the Aladdin live-action movie, said jokingly.

Reflecting on his experiences in Saudi Arabia, Smith expressed his affection for the country, mentioning his visits to the NEOM project, the city of Jeddah, and Riyadh. He described feeling a sense of belonging and enjoyment during his time in Saudi Arabia, expressing gratitude for the warmth and hospitality he experienced.

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