Donald Trump Unveils $399 Sneaker Line Amid Legal Woes

Former US President Donald Trump launched a line of sneakers priced at $399 at an event in Philadelphia on Saturday. They were met with boos and cheers from the crowd, which was gathered for “Sneaker Con”. The launch comes just a day after a judge in New York ordered Trump and his company to pay $355 million in penalties for fraudulently overstating his net worth.

Former President Donald Trump made a surprising move by selling his new branded sneakers line for $399 at a huge sneaker event called “Sneaker Con” in Philadelphia. This came just a day after a judge ordered him to pay a massive $355 million penalty for lying about his wealth and other financial issues.

Trump introduced the flashy gold high-top shoes with an American flag design at the event. The unique launch attracted both cheers and boos from the crowd. The shoes are named “Never Surrender High-Tops”. The sneaker line is part of a collection that also includes other Trump-branded footwear and Victory47 cologne and perfume, priced at $99 per bottle.

Despite facing legal troubles, Trump’s campaign officials promoted the event online. The fines against Trump were for things like lying about his money and damaging the reputation of a writer who accused him of assault. He’d be the 47th president if elected again.

The event drew a mixed crowd, with some people excited to see Trump while others were less supportive. Some attendees were unaware that Trump would be there and continued shopping as usual. Many were from nearby states and Washington.

Trump has been involved in various money-making ventures since starting his campaign for the White House in 2022. His new sneaker website is run by a company owned by him, but it claims not to be political. He has also launched a media company, a social media platform, and a line of golf products.

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The sneakers are described as a limited-edition collector’s item, embodying traits associated with Trump. Despite the legal issues, Trump’s supporters at the event remained loyal. They are praising his interaction with the crowd and even liking the shoes.

Trump planned to hold a rally later in Michigan on the same day.

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