Why Daughter in Law are unhappy?

Bringing a girl as a new daughter in law in home is considered a life-changing event in any desi household. But for many decades around 57 percent of new brides are not happy with their new setups. In this article, we will discuss the core reasons for such incidents.

Bonds between some daughter in law and mothers-in-law are sometimes compared to the close friendship. But far too many women describe this relationship as fragile, tense, and even competitive. Not in desi household, a lot of western culture complains about the same issue as well. A young and energetic girl enters her new home with lots of dreams and plans. But with in few weeks and months, her blossomed youth starts getting rotten.

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In a careful census, around 57% new brides are not happy with their in laws or more specifically mother in laws. The reasons are :

  • Too much of unrealistic expectations .
  • Inability to accept daughter-in-law as a family member.
  • Irresistible urge to hurt her by pointing out the mistakes .
  • Few even want to bring a clash between daughter-in-law and their son Just to satisfy their ego .
  • They want their daughter-in-law to be perfect always 24*7. But they don’t care about their son’s flaws.
  • Few even consider son’s flaws as merits and achievements.
  • They assume themselves as moral teachers and evaluate every activity of their daughter-in-law. So that they can report it to son and create a mess.
  • Few cannot accept the fact that their son has someone important in life and they assume that they are getting sidelined.
  • Most of the in-laws have insecurity and fear that their son will stop loving them because he is married .
  • They don’t have the trust on their own parenting and show their frustration on daughter-in-law.
  • Few in-laws are mean and they always hurt daughter-in-law.
  • Few in-laws are like sink , how much ever effort a daughter-in-law put in order to satisfy them , they won’t get satisfied and instead they hurt daughter-in-law.

Will these behaviors ever change?

Weddings are one of the most important and life-changing events in one’s life. But few event and relations make this beautiful relationship so difficult and suffocating that a lot of ladies tends to quit. If they do not quit, they take revenge when they became a mother in laws and some innocent girl is at their disposal. For hundreds of years. this cycle is continuing making no difference at all.

In my opinion, the new life of a couple can be so beautiful when there is less or no interference. Just a little help, guidance and support can make daughters and mother in law the most beautiful and amazing bond ever. We need a better world to live in this chaotic times.

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