Ek Hai Nigar has won Best Asian Film at Septimius Awards

Ek Hai Nigar is a movie that portrays the life and career of Nigar Johar. Nigar Johar is a three-star general in the Pakistani Army. The Pakistani television biographical drama Aik Hai Nigar covers all the important events in the life of Nigar Johar. The drama covers events that span the years 1975 to the present. The telefilm was written by Umera Ahmad and directed by Adnan Sarwar. Ek Hai Nigar debuted on ARY Digital on October 23, 2021. Mahira Khan made her production debut with this television movie in which she also had the lead role. Bilal Ashraf has made his television debut in Johar’s husband’s role. The audience enjoyed the telefilm, but critics had mixed feelings about it. 

The plot of the telefilm goes as Nigar Johar is a young woman with big aspirations. Nigar is adamant about achieving her life’s purpose. Despite having to deal with misogyny and personal despair. She meets her life partner Johar Ali Khan along the way, who inspires her to pursue her career goal and write history. The telefilm received 5.2 TRPs during its time slot on television. Critics gave the telefilm favorable reviews whilst praising the actors’ portrayals. 

Aik Hai Nigar fell short of its narrative despite powerful performances from the lead actors. According to the Express Tribune, the cast couldn’t have saved the story even if they tried. Co-producer Nina Kashif posted Instagram stories celebrating the victory on Wednesday. 

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The Septimius Awards is an honoring ceremony for new independent talent from around the world. The Awar show was held from June 6 to June 7 this year. The Septimius Awards’ major goal is to advance and encourage public understanding, appreciation, and knowledge of films of all genres.

Mahira Khan expressed her views while at the award show. She said that she feels Honored to portray a woman who she admires. Nigar Johar is Pakistan’s first female Three-Star General. The telefilm was broadcasted in October of the previous year. The telefilm also featured Bilal Ashraf, Khushal Khan, Sohail Sameer, Sara, and Iman Shahid besides the Humsafar actor.

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